You're awesome. And my goal is to make sure your audience can see that too. That's why I'm here to help you build your brand.


Also. I'm a Rockstar.



Hey. I’m Dante. Though I'm sure you figured that out from the domain name, right?


I’m here to show you how to build your tribe because you’re passionate about what you do and because you want to make a living doing what you love. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate. 


So for branding, authenticity is key. You have to be a leader and figure out how to bring value to your audience. You want the attention, and they want the real you.  It's about documenting, engaging, and storytelling at scale. 


  • Documenting means you should be showing them rather than telling them. A lot of people talk big, but you actually do the work.
  • Engaging is really giving value and connecting with your followers. They're real people, not just numbers.
  • Storytelling by showing your truth. They want to know your life. Your story.


Don't use social media as a place to just distribute content. You have to create native content for every platform. So for examples of specific actions to take this means:


Facebook - Video is huge on facebook right now. You can be so specific with your targeted ads. Develop a long-term promotional strategy. Look into FB watch and messenger bots, they're going to be big.


Twitter - Start engaging with people and brands. Post your real thought and beliefs. Dm and mention people you want to connect with, find a way to bring value.


Instagram - Go live! Do behind the scenes story posts. You should also dm brands you want to work with. Hashtags are just an easy way to gain massive exposure.


YouTube - Almost like building a portfolio of content. Vlogs are definitely a good idea for anyone. Maybe a podcast?  Maybe inspirational videos? Maybe how to videos or helpful lessons? Youtube is becoming a major media platform and not just a place to post content.


Snapchat - Where you document your day by day. Post little videos and mess around with filters. Geo-filters and snapchat ads are incredibly underpriced marketing.


Spotify - With the advancement of artificial intelligence, audio is becoming a huge contender for online attention. People working out and driving are spending tons of time inside of apps like Spotify and apple music. You should be creating a podcast or some form of media that can be listened to without needing to be watched.


Email list - One of the best ways to pull your community together and keep track of them in one place. You can communicate straight to them without depending on a platform. You need emails just to sign on your phone so it's definitely not going anywhere soon. (sign up below for more content like this)


Dante here. Ready to listen + be real + build something great with you. So, hit me up and let’s talk.

So If you wanna hear more about something you're interested in, or if you would like to discuss possible consultations, meet-ups, and partnerships. Please feel free to tweet me any questions or DM me if you prefer, I'll try my best to get back to you ASAP (Twitter) @dantehimself_ (Instagram) @dantehimself

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