Hey, I’m Dante. Founder and Creative Coach at Zekk Inc.

From the time I was in elementary school, I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I never really had a lot of friends, and I was kind of dramatic about everything. The only thing I had was the belief that I was made to do "bigger" things.

A few years ago, I started looking for ways to make money online. I never wanted to work for another person. I started a jewelry business, web design business, and a few other businesses before that.

Every time I learned a little more. The biggest lesson I took from it was that you definitely shouldn't quit. I kept giving up when I didn't see immediate results. But you don't really fail until you quit.

Eventually, I started selling t-shirts on tee-spring. It took me awhile to get it, nobody would buy anything no matter how much I advertised them.

I created a facebook group, started posting some really good content, and tried boosting them through FB ads. As I continually posted content, I slowly started to grow a community.

I learned that the way to grow your brand is building communities and creating HIGH-VALUE content. All from this FB page (though the first few times were pretty big failures).

I decided I wanted to make the transition to building my personal brand. Focusing on giving value, staying authentic, and engaging as much as possible with my audience.

Now I'm looking to build a community of artists and creatives to start transitioning into the new era of content creation.


Dante here. Ready to listen + be real + build something great with you. So, hit me up and let’s talk.

So If you wanna hear more about something you're interested in, or if you would like to discuss possible consultations, meet-ups, and partnerships. Please feel free to tweet me any questions or DM me if you prefer, I'll try my best to get back to you ASAP (Twitter) @dantehimself_ (Instagram) @dantehimself

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